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MMS Agro Partners is a Farmland Investment Management Organization.
We initiate and operate investments in farmland in Uruguay.
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About us

MMS Agro Partners is a Farmland Investment Management Organization. We initiate and operate investments in farmland in Uruguay.

MMS is a joint venture between the most relevant critical success factors: local industry and farming knowledge, market knowledge and real estate brokerage experience, financial and fiscal advice. Our focus is exclusively on Uruguay.

We typically unite local knowledge with an international focus and scope. Services include farm management in day-to-day operations as well as structuring and supervising of investment opportunities.

Integrity, expertise and reputation are the building blocks that make our offer. This is what makes MMS Agro Partners a unique Farmland Investment Management Organization in Uruguay.


Identify special situations and underutilized agricultural assets

Acquire and operate land, farming businesses and leases

Focus on assets that yield attractive returns

Long-term outlook to build a sizeable and sustainable operating company

Own real assets that appreciate over time and offer protection against inflation

In order to reach these goals we develop agribusiness models, result of the analysis and evaluation of different factors such as: geographic location of the farm, soil type, soil characteristics and suitability, existing infrastructure, business prospects of each farm, etc.

Our company has extensive experience in developing such models and putting them in practice in dialogue with international investors.

We offer investment opportunities in farmland tailored to client needs, offering direct ownership of the land through trust funds or specially formed corporations designed for wealth protection.


Farmland is a wealth preserving hard asset, offering relatively stable cash flows. Farmland appreciation and their food product returns correlate positively with inflation. At the same time, productive land is distinctively de-coupled from the typical asset classes of bonds and equities. Demand for food will continue to grow and total available productive land constant.

In spite of the economic turmoil and uncertainties around the world, food production and productive land will continue to receive strong international demand. Growing global population with rising standard of living will continue to increase demand for food and all farming production supplies.

Farmland continues to show a high correlation with inflation and therefore an important wealth preservation strategy. Also in terms of geographically distribution and risk management, Uruguay makes for a strong business case. Uruguay, being one of the most ecological and clean countries in the world offers unique opportunities to satisfy tomorrow’s demand for ecologically sound and organic food supplies.

We hold the view that an investment in farmland in Uruguay provides for an attractive alternative investment. Many confirm the view that with rising world population Latin America is one of the few regions where productivity increases are feasible (combination of better technologies, economy of scale and incorporation of new lands for agriculture and cattle). Within the context of Latin America and especially the regional alternatives (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay), we hold the view that Uruguay scores attractively.

With 17 million hectares of agricultural (forestry) and livestock potential, it offers a unique perspective for foreign investors: transparency, no discrimination between foreign and local investors, no capital/dividend- nor any foreign exchange regulations restrictions, very attractive price quality relations of land, good infrastructure, ample human resources and contractor services.

We see a window of opportunity in capitalizing on less efficient markets such as Uruguay.

Why Us

We believe to be able to offer a unique combination of local expertise with an international scope and focus.

You will not have problems of understanding, communication and of culture. We have a wealth of experience in every possible aspect that may influence your investment. We share with you our network, our know-how and know who, agricultural expertise, and every other relevant success factor, including our own personal experience as investors and managers of farmland.

MMS Agro Partners was created to provide integral services to international farmland investors. This joint venture covers the whole spectrum of agricultural activities in Uruguay ranging from crop farming to cattle breeding and timberland. We offer the technical management of the property and also the financial administration and reporting.

The international network in combination with local knowledge brings your investment within a trustworthy span of control. We believe to be able to offer a world-class service.

Farm management, not real estate, is key to agri investing.